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Smart Move –Save Money
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We offer many different programs designed around the way that you want to do business. If saving money is your goal, we will show you ways to move away from higher priced products without sacrificing functionality. We represent all of the major manufacturers in the packaging categories. This allows you to compare costs, and find the products that fit your needs. If going upscale is in your business plan, then we can do it. Our customers choose what works for them.


Service is important to you. The supermarket environment requires that products will arrive on-time. You need a supplier that understands that the influx and pressures of the holidays require special attention. We have the experience to help you with these seasonal changes. We offer backroom inventory control, and off-site inventory management. Let us show you how we can help manage your inventory costs.

Please explore the list below or download our pdf product list to learn more about our different offerings.

Please contact our customer service department to inquire about a specific product.

The product list above is a general look at our product categories. As the site continues to grow we plan to update this list with information from our product database.