Keeping it Green.

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There are many products available that are made from sustainable and renewable resources.  Your business can make an impact right now.  Cutlery made from potatoes, plates from sugarcane, clear plastic cups and containers from corn. 


We offer paper bags manufactured from 100% recycled material and degradable or compostable plastic bags.  There is a complete selection of alternative products to replace styrofoam and plastics made from petroleum.  Whether you are voluntarily trying to reduce your carbon footprint or attempting to comply with current and future legislation, we can help unravel the mystery behind this category.


In the near future, this site will provide links to connect you to information regarding developments in legislation and innovations in materials designed to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.   Stay tuned !

Please explore the list below or download our pdf product list to learn more about our different offerings.

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The product list above is a general look at our product categories. As the site continues to grow we plan to update this list with information from our product database.